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Instrument Coaching (Violin | Cello)

Inspired by the music you have heard and want to create your own sound, our instructors are well qualified to facilitate you on your learning journey. Our philosophy is very simple: we believe that learning an instrument is akin to that of being an apprentice, honing a craft. The relationship between the (apprentice) student and teacher is very important. Therefore, we aim to put your interest first and match you with a suitable teacher, and this means that it may not necessarily one of us, but one of the many qualified teachers within the profession whom we know.

Learning a string instrument is very exciting and is a life skill which you can enjoy and never get tired off once you have tasted it. Try it to understand why!

String Ensemble | Orchestra Coaching

If you are a school or organization that requires coaching services, we would be more than happy understand your requirements and propose a suitable proposal that fits your unique needs. Whatever it is, you will be assured that we understand what it means to play together as practicing musicians and guide your ensemble to achieve the balance between harmony and flair.